Water Security in Dynamic Environments
" Together we can "
July 18-21,2020
Ramallah - Palestine
Water Conference
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Water Conference


The conference sessions will be covering topics under the main event pillars and shall take different formats.

The conference shall address policy makers, sector participants, experts, key national and international partners and donors, leading academic institutions through [Call for Papers and Presentations] and [By Invitation for plenary speakers. The conference sessions shall undertake several of the following formats:

  • High-level session(s): Keynote speakers addressing the main theme and introducing the overarching issue of the given pillars. Visionary leaders through target invitation cover this only.
  • Roundtable discussion: Since the forum is aiming at find solutions and come up with practical recommendations for some specific issues under the subtheme topics, the form of roundtable discussions is adopted. Each roundtable discussion will address a water issue with carefully selected experts (not more than 10), the moderator should manage the debates and he will be responsible of presenting the final resulted solutions and recommendations.
  • Panel Discussion: special panel of 30 min discussion covering one of the main pillars’ subtopics by different stakeholders and experts through Call for Speakers and by Invitation.
  • Expert Presentation: several 20 min presentation of new technologies and success stories related to the main pillars.