Water Security in Dynamic Environments
" Together we can "
July 18-21,2020
Ramallah - Palestine
First Palestine International Water Forum 2018

The Palestine International Water Forum is the first international water forum on the water sector in Palestine.

The Forum was organized by the Water Authority under the auspices of President Mahmoud Abbas, with extensive Arab and international participation from June 25-28, 2018.

Experts and delegations from 20 Arab and foreign countries participated in the forum. Under the theme 'Modern Technologies and Practices for Integrated Water Resources Management', the forum is the primary approach through which existing water challenges can be addressed and this precious resource managed to achieve water security.

The Forum succeeded in putting the name of Palestine on the international water agenda as an effective platform, by achieving a high level of organization, and attracting international experts, important topics, in addition to its effective recommendations that are considered common solutions to the most important existing water issues.

Forum Objectives:

The forum achieved a number of important objectives that had important implications for the development of the Palestinian water sector on the one hand, and contribute to finding future solutions to the most important global water issues on the other hand, the most important of which are:

  1. Coming up with future recommendations for water issues that are practical and applicable, and capable of making a difference and have tangible results in improving the reality of water locally and globally.
  2.  Present regional and international success stories in the field of water sector development, to benefit from them and apply them to serve the objectives of the water sector.
  3. Mobilizing international support to support water issues in Palestine, and the advancement of the Palestinian water sector, by raising the level of global interest in the water issue in Palestine as one of the most important issues of the conflict, and its need for international support in facing the major challenges that hinder the optimal management of water resources, and improving the quality of water services, Provide adequate sanitation, and thus achieve sustainable water security.
  4.  Assist the authorities and institutions working in the water field in comprehensive future planning and develop their businesses and services in managing this vital sector.
  5. Sharing global experiences by reviewing and discussing international developments and trends in the water sector, and targeting specialists who can provide advisory services in the field of modern technologies and mechanisms capable of improving the water reality locally and globally.
  6. Opening the field of discussion and initiate research on various topics such as finding suitable non-conventional water resources and finding mechanisms to raise awareness of the use of these alternative sources.
  7.  Promote innovation, generalize best practices, and enhance cooperation to provide concrete solutions to urgent water issues.
  8.  Providing opportunities to develop new strategic partnerships and communicate with Arab and international decision-makers.
  9. Providing opportunities for discussion and initiating research on various topics such as finding suitable non-conventional water resources, and finding mechanisms to raise awareness of the use of these alternative sources.
  10.  Involving educational institutions, especially universities, to encourage scientific research, studies, training programs, and capacity development in the fields of water resources science and technology and their treatment, and to encourage interest in and dissemination of water science.
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