Water Security in Dynamic Environments
" Together we can "
July 18-21,2020
Ramallah - Palestine
What is the Second Palestine International Water Forum 2020?
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What is the Second Palestine International Water Forum 2020?

Second Palestine International Water Forum will be under the theme “Water Security in Dynamic Environments, Together...We Can”. it’s the first time to have this intricately linkage between water security and dynamic environments considering that water security encapsulates complex and interconnected challenges and highlights water’s centrality for achieving a sense of security, sustainability, development and human well-being, from the local to the international level.

Many factors contribute to water security and range from natural, to institutional, economic, political, social, financial and for sure technological– many of which lie outside the water realm and all are in accelerated change. Water security, therefore, lies at the center of many security areas, each of which need an integrated and proactive actions. Addressing water security, therefore, requires interdisciplinary collaboration across sectors, communities and political borders and this is where “Together We Can” in the theme come from.

The Second Palestine International Water Forum – 2020 is intended as a high-profile international water event supporting finding applicable solutions to water security and reliable responses to dynamic changes at the local, national and international levels. In order for the discussion to be effectively operating and for collaboration to grow, participation will be diverse and will include government representatives, policy makers, businesses, international organizations, local authorities, donors, civil society organizations, academic institutions, experts researchers and the media. Considering the fact that positive impacts require continuity, Second Palestine International Water Forum will capitalize on the outputs of the First Palestine International Water Forum. As the first forum conducted under the theme ”Integrated Water Resource Management: Best Practices and Technology Transfer”, the IWRMS is a main keystone of achieving water security and both forums aiming at achieving SDGs 6 in the context of 2030 agenda.

The Second Palestine International Water Forum will be integrated and coordinated with major regional and international water events, mainly, “Ninth World Water Forum”- Senegal March 2021 and “Forth Arab Water Forum”. it will be an opportunity to encourage dialogues in the region and among stakeholders  to examine and establish a new effective participation in these events taking specific issues of the region in water security to the world.

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